BADI is the national honor society for dentists dedicated to sharing knowledge in order to serve the dental-health needs and to improve the quality of life of people throughout Bangladesh. We organize national and regional Dental Seminars, Dental Trade Fairs, Continuing Dental Education Program (CDEP), Free Dental Camps and also publish international standard journals and thereby unfolding a new chapter on Dentistry and its innovations. Our programs further lead to joint collaborations & profitable ventures both for the dentists and dental industries. We combine Dental education, research, training and other dental related information through our journals & keep the dental surgeons up to date with latest emerging technologies through seminars and guided training programs. Free dental camps and school dental programs help us to provide basic dental care to the inhabitants of the remotest parts of the country.


1.Work for the progress of dental professionals all over the Bangladesh.
2.Make scopes and opportunities for Higher Education abroad.
3.Create scopes for the professional establishment of young dentists.

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