Calls for abstract submission for podium & poster presentation

Calls for Abstract Submission for Podium & Poster Presentation #BADICON2022

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organized by Bangladesh Academy of Dentistry International (BADI)

Abstract Submission Start from today 9th April 2022

Last date of submission is on 15th May, 2022.

Registration is mandatory before submission of any abstract.

Abstract submission address:

Address your submission letter to the following Abstract Review Committee:-

Prof. Dr. Afzal Hossain Bacchu

Chairman, Abstract Review Committee, BADICON2022

Vice-President, BADI®


Dr. Md. Abdul Awal

Member Secretary, Abstract Review Committee, BADICON2022

Joint Secretary, BADI®

Official information gateways for BADI:Website:

Facebook page:

Official Contact Number: +880-1858-088934, +880-1742-275282