Call for Abstract Submission (Podium Presentation & Poster Presentation) for 5th International Dental Congress & Trade Fair

(Podium Presentation & Poster Presentation) for
5th International Dental Congress & Trade Fair
Date: 23-24th January, 2015
Venue: KIB Auditorium

Abstract Submission Starts 10th November, 2014
Abstract Submission Ends 10th December, 2014
Abstract Acceptance Announcements 15th December, 2014
Registration Deadline for Accepted Abstract Authors 10th January, 2015
Final Program Announcement 15th January, 2015Authors can submit abstracts for oral presentation, poster for 5th International Dental Congress. The final presentation type of the accepted abstract is under the discretion of congress scientific committee. All abstracts must be prepared in English only.ABSTRACT SUBMISSION GUIDELINEOnline Abstract System Procedure
• Each presenter can present only one abstract.
• Please do not forget to authorize your abstract once submitted. Only authorized abstracts will be evaluated. Abstracts not authorized by the authors will not be submitted to referees.

Abstract Submission Rules (for Podium Presentation)
• Abstract shall not be longer than 200 words.
• Abstract title must be less than 10 words and express the researches essence.
• Name, last name, title, institution, city and contact details of authors shall be stated clearly.
• Abstract body shall not include any indication of the personal details of authors.
• Abstract (except for case reports) shall include the sections:

Aim or purpose:
In one brief sentence, provide the rational for the investigation and/or the question to be answered, with or without short citation(s). Citations should be listed and provide the name and initials of authors (max 3), title of article, title of journal, year of publication, the volume number and first and last page numbers in full.

Please note: the aim implies that case reports cannot be accepted, unless the findings lead to more general statements.

Materials and methods:
The experimental conditions should be reported briefly (i.e. age group, nature of the animals, sex, and approval from the Ethics Committee at the presenter’s institution). The clinical approach should be precise, and the period of time studied taken into account in the interpretation. The methods used should also be clearly indicated (i.e. image analysis, biochemical data, histological, immunohistological or molecular probes used for the analysis of the data, statistical significance).

The results should be stated in a maximum of three sentences.

This is any conclusion(s) that can be drawn from the presentation. This final statement is crucial because it supports the scientific value of the poster.

Criteria for non-acceptance of abstract:
• Abstracts of the unfinished researches will not be evaluated.
• No tables, charts or graphics shall be included in the abstracts.
• Abstracts shouldn’t prepare like a presentation type which has already submitted.
• The abstract has not been submitted and accepted at another national or international scientific meeting

Regarding Poster Presentation:

• Size of Poster boards – portrait format 120cm or, 4ft (height) X 90 cm or, 3ft (width) mounted with pins/tacks. Poster presenters will be required to stand by their posters during lunch time sessions. The authors of the poster have to give verbal presentation to the participants visiting the poster exhibition area. Poster should be taken down only at the end of the Conference Exhibition.
• Be sure to include the abstract title, author names, and the institution where the work was completed, in large letters centered at the top of the poster. Place your address, phone number and email address in the upper right-hand corner. Your contact information is not mandatory.
• We suggest that you place a reproduction of the abstract in the upper left side of the poster, and use the headings “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results” and “Conclusions” to identify your poster layout. Include an acknowledgment section, containing anyone who helped you conduct this project. Follow the above mentioned Abstract Submission Rules (for Podium Presentation).
• Set up your poster in a column format.
• Use a type size that can be read easily from a considerable distance (4 feet or more). Try using a type between 14 – 20 pt. The title should be larger than the rest of the text. Select a legible font such as Times Roman, Times New Roman etc.
• Posters should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item in your poster is necessary.
• Space your information proportionally: divide your poster either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections, and place your materials within those spaces. Like a layout of a magazine.
• Hand carry your poster to the meeting, using tubular packaging or a portfolio case. Do not mail your poster to the Congress authority.
• Come prepared with any relevant handouts you may wish to share and business cards to hand out.
• When choosing a background, remember that neutral or gray colors will be easier on the eyes than a bright color. In addition, color photos look best when mounted on gray.
• Be sure to bring pushpins, thumbtacks or velcro to mount your poster. They will not be provided to you at the conference.
• Please note that each poster will be on display for both days i.e. 23rd & 24th January, 2014. Posters should be hanged in the morning before 10:00am and should be collected before 16:30pm each day or, you can leave it at the venue. A poster help desk will be available to hang posters. Posters not collected in time will be discarded.

Evaluation Criteria of Abstracts
The evaluation by the reviewers is based on;
Scientific or Clinical interest in the question to be assessed
Sufficient data provided
Clinical impact

Acceptance Announcement
• Abstract acceptance letters will be sent by 15th December, 2014.
• Abstract acceptance letters will be sent to the submitting authors contact e-mail address.
• Author of each accepted abstract shall register before 10th January, 2015, in order to include their abstract in the final scientific program.

Abstract Subjects

1. General Dentistry and Oral Health

2. Preventive Dentistry
2.1 Caries
2.2 Periodontology
2.3 Epidemiology
2.4 Orthodontics
2.5 Public Health

3. Dental Treatment & Restorative Dentistry
3.1 Caries
3.2 Periodontics
3.3 Endodontics
3.4 Pedodontics
3.5 Materials
3.6 Esthetics
3.7 Prosthetics
3.8 Orthodontics

4. Maxillofacial Surgery & Implantology
4.1 Implantology
4.2 Oral Surgery
4.3 Oral Medicine
4.4 Oral Pathology
4.5 Oral Immunology
4.6 Orthognathic Surgery

Podium Presentation :
The time duration of the abstracts accepted will be stated on the acceptance letter.

Certificate of Participation:
Certificate of Participation & crest will be awarded to the author on site. It is required for presenters to be present physically to present their posters at times specified.

Please note that:
You may not present previously published or presented work.
The official language of the meeting and all communications must be in English.

Abstract submission address:
Please submit your abstracts following the above mentioned terms to the following mail address:

Address your submission letter to the following persons:

-Prof. Dr. Kazi Mehedi Ul Alam
Scientific Committee
5th International Dental Congress& Trade Fair

-Dr. Md. Mokerrom Hasan
Scientific Committee
5th International Dental Congress & Trade Fair